Easily create, send and manage your budgets

It’s never been easier to manage budgets

Smart Budgets

Easily create a budget using data for items, products, services, types of repairs, etc. previously recorded or by instantly releasing new data.

If you already have the repair created, do it faster: Create a smart quote with a single click.


Make your budgets work for you

Are you just making the budget?

Suggest extra products or services to your customer to increase your average ticket. It charges a down payment at the time of acceptance to avoid defaults.

Create budgets quickly with automatic tracking
Quick customer management (acceptance, online rejection)
Communication by email or Whatsapp
Sending invoices with online payment

Your customer accepts the quote with a click

The customer receives the quote on their mobile and can accept it with just one click.

You can also request an advance of the repair amount, thanks to our implementation with POS and Paypal.


Acceptance alert

Each time a customer accepts a quote you will receive an alert in your email. Likewise if the customer needs to clarify any doubts you will receive a request to be called by phone.

Find out how delivery notes and invoices work.