Complete Management Software
for SAT Technical Services

Better management in less time
and customers that repeat

Why is manyrepairs the best management software for technical services?

With a computer or Tablet and an internet connection, manyrepairs offers you order management, delivery notes, invoices… and everything you can see in other management programs.

But you’ll also have advanced features to manage your technical service. Simple tools that will make you manage your workshop faster, with greater control and more effectiveness.

Complete management

Manage and record all actions on a repair, from entering to exiting your SAT.

Customer notices

Automatically notify your customers of progress, incidents or completed repairs.

Anticipate your collections

Easily convert quotes into invoices and send a link to collect them online.


Your customers will be able to see budgets or invoices and manage them from their mobile.

How much do we help technical services like yours?

  • Increase the number of referrals.
  • Increase the ratio of accepted budgets by 30%.
  • Save up to 50% of time on phone calls.
  • Reduce claims or workshop returns by 20%.
  • Reduce collection times by 20%.
  • Reduce the delivery times of your repairs by 40%.

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Everything you need for efficient and agile management for your technical assistance service is here.