Customer notices

Automatically notify your customers of progress, incidents or completed repairs


Inform your customers saving 50% of calls

Lack of information is one of the most frequent complaints in all after-sales services, the difference between having an effective communication system with the customer and not having it are hours writing emails and calling by phone or not. At manyrepairs we have verified that customers accept 95% of budgets from their devices without contacting.

Sending quotes with automatic accept or reject button

Automatic status change notices with associated comments

Ticket inquiries with time management for activation

Notifications of accepted or rejected budgets

Service Request Notification from Corporate Web (API)

Communicate easily with your customers

Easily send status changes, quotes and invoices via sms, email or Whatsapp.

Your client doesn’t need to install any app

Email communication

SMS communication

Communication by Whatsapp

Service Request Notification from Corporate Web (API)

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