Repair management

Make your time profitable with good management

Save time and increase productivity

Get better results, make your time and your workers time profitable having a global view of your workshop.


Have detailed information about each repair available

Brands, models, failures, jobs and associated products.

Warranty periods, attached files and photographs

Quote and bill your repairs in a couple of clicks

Create quotes for a repair and send them to your customer’s mobile with just two clicks.

Create delivery notes or invoices for your repairs and send them to your customer so they can pay them from their mobile.


Traceability and location of your repairs

Record all the statuses and locations that a repair goes through in your workshop and keep your customer informed automatically and accurately.

Document your repairs

Add attached files, branded documentation and models, and photos of the article throughout the repair process.


Quality controls for your repairs

Define the required points for your pre-deliveries to avoid most shop returns.

Avoid unnecessary complaints

Transparency and photographic documentation of the article at the entrance to the workshop, causes the number of complaints to drop considerably, dispeling doubts in 90% of cases


Find out how to show your customer pictues of repairs