Manuel Muñoz

“For me, the most useful tool in the workshop. It saves me hundreds of calls.”

Manuel Muñoz (Álava)

Manel Alabart

“The excellence of after-sales software.”

Manel Alabart (Barcelona)

Miguel A. Martínez

“It allows to manage repairs, see the evolution of the services and communicate it to the customer, an all in one.”

Miguel A. Martínez (Palma de Mallorca)

Luis Míguez

“Managing budgets and collections saves me more than 2 hours a day”

Luis Miguez (A Coruña)

Manuel Díaz

“Bet on modernization and communication with the customer”

Manuel Díaz (Málaga)

Oscar Raggi

“manyrepairs is a necessary system to become a leader in after-sales service.”

Oscar Raggi (Roma)

Juan David Ulloa

“manyrepairs has become an essential tool, allowing us to reach our customers in a clear and timely manner.”

Juan David Ulloa (Bogotá)

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