Ants have always worked together helping the community

In all our meetings with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, the same question is always asked: Where does the name manyrepairs come from? 

For us the name means much more than just organisation and ant, this name represents everything for us: our way of thinking and working, the way we treat our customers and the way we progress and reach our goals.

We act in a very similar way to ants, thinking of the good of the community, we joined as a team to “invent” and thats how our software took shape.

In order for a company to be successful, it’s our point of view that it’s necessary that there´s order, rules, flexibility and above all, a methodology. These fundamentals will ensure that those who work for the company pull in the same direction, with the same goal in mind, to help each other, just like ants. It doesn´t matter who is the face of the company, the important thing is teamwork, trust, to listen and be listened to by everyone in the organisation. A single ant could never build an ant colony by itself, but if that same ant joins others that can compliment its deficiencies, the ant will succeed. That is our philosophy, and thats why we decided to name our company TidyAnt.